Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do suggested replies work?
    You create content for suggested replies by completing your business’s FAQ content of common questions and associated answers.  The Qonvo AI assistant then identifies incoming customer inquiries that seem to match your content and provides those suggested replies to the customer.

    Your suggested replies can include text, multimedia attachments and applets.  In your settings you can control whether suggested replies are always prepared by the assistant or you can turn them off or set them for off-hours delivery only.
  • What are applets?
    Applets are single-purpose mini-apps that you can drop into a conversation to assist users with booking an appointment, placing an order, or sharing their location.  

    Simply put, applets are awesome.  They help you to convert your conversational connection with customers into a full mobile app experience.  Applets can be sent as attachments, added to your self-service menu or included in broadcast messages.
  • Can we set our business hours?
    Yes, in settings you can set your business hours and that information can then be used to alter the behavior of your automated replies based on whether a message is received during office hours or off-hours.

    You’ll want to set expectations properly for customers on how long you usually take to reply.

    Office hours options are currently pretty basic but we’re expanding the functionality rapidly.


  • How much does my SMS number cost?
    Your dedicated SMS number is included in your Qonvo PRO plan.  When you create and configure your PRO account, you'll be able to select a number from a major carrier in the area code of your choosing and we will instantly provision the number and assign it to your account.  

    There is no additional cost for provisioning or maintaining your SMS number.
  • What is Business-Class SMS?
    Lots of businesses fall into the trap of texting customers from personal phones.  It gets the job done but that type of person-to-person texting doesn't help to build a subscriber list and makes it really hard to have a complete view of customer interactions.  

    Qonvo Business-Class SMS turns text messages into a high-quality b2c communication channel.

    • Every time your team interacts with a customer you grow your opted-in subscriber list
    • Team members have visibility into all customer conversations and anyone can reply to help a customer
    • Qonvo applets allow you to deliver actionable links to book appointments, claim promotional offers and make sales directly from a text conversation
    • You can launch outbound marketing campaigns to your subscribers
    Qonvo is business-to-consumer text messaging done right.  Get started building your list today.
  • How many messages can I send?
    The Qonvo PRO plan limits you to 3,000 SMS "segments" per month, which are equivalent to 140 character blocks.   Businesses who need higher volumes can either upgrade to our ENTERPRISE plan or you can purchase additional blocks of 5,000 segments.  

    We'd love to include unlimited segments but we incur the cost of sending and receiving your messages via our major carrier partners.  
  • Can I include message attachments
    Absolutely! We think that attachments are key to having high-quality conversations with your customers.  Qonvo text messages can include the following attachment types:

    • Images
    • PDF files
    • YouTube videos
    • Qonvo applets

  • How does my team reply to messages?
    Your team members will be notified of any inbound messages from customers via the Qonvo mobile app.  In addition, members of your team can invite new customers, access any conversation and launch outbound messaging campaigns from the Qonvo iOS mobile apps or the Qonvo web application.


  • What is my Qonvo handle?
    Your Qonvo handle is a short, memorable name that serves as your organization's unique name on Qonvo so that customers can easily find you via the Qonvo message app.  Qonvo handles start with @ and can be selected by you in your settings.

    For example if your business name is Main Street Hardware you could choose @mainstreet-hw and your customers will be able to start a conversation with you by entering that @mainstreet-hw in business search.  

    Handles are a great way to publicize your Qonvo presence - post your handle on social media, send it out to customers and put up signs!
  • How do I invite my customers?
    We make it easy to invite your customers to connect with you via Qonvo.  You can either:

    1. Upload your existing customer list and issue SMS and email invitations using the Qonvo Invitation Manager
    2. Invite customers individually using quick add - this option is great for quickly inviting store and restaurant visitors
    • Publicize your dedicated SMS number, Qonvo handle and web chat availability on your website, in your newsletters and on social media.  
    Get creative, the more effort that you put into letting customers that they can reach you via text, the faster your subscriber list will grow.
  • How do customer contact me via Qonvo
    Customers can reach you via Qonvo in a variety of ways:

    • via Web Chat published on your site
    • via SMS text message to your dedicated number
    • via the Qonvo iOS and Android messaging apps
    Businesses can build their Qonvo subscriber list in a number of ways:

    1. Issuing SMS and Email chat invitations to your customers
    2. Publicizing your SMS number and unique Qonvo handle so that customers can message you
    3. Responding to individuals who find businesses via Qonvo business search in our app
    4. Greeting and responding to web visitors via the Qonvo web chat widget
    Your success will be directly related to building your subscriber list.  We recommend putting in time to send out invites using our invitation tools and publicize your Qonvo handle and SMS number wherever you can..


  • How much does the PRO plan cost?
    The Qonvo PRO plan is $49/month and can be canceled at any time.  Our PRO plan provides everything that most small and medium sized businesses need to have 1:1 conversations with customers, launch outbound messaging campaigns and set up automated replies and in-chat applets.

    Businesses with more complex needs and very high messaging volumes usually use our ENTERPRISE plan which starts at $459/month.
  • Can I use Qonvo for Free?
    As of August 1, 2020, Qonvo no longer offers a Free plan due to the overwhelming popularity of our PRO plan features which includes a dedicated SMS number. 

    If your organization wants to use Qonvo for web chat and texting customers via the Qonvo messaging app then please contact us and an account manager will be able to determine if your organization qualifies for free use of the platform. 

    Just text us via Qonvo at 202.410.0878
  • What does the PRO plan include?
    The Qonvo PRO Plan includes everything that small and medium sized businesses need to have 1:1 conversations with customers and to launch outbound marketing campaigns.

    The following is a summary of all of the goodies included in the PRO plan.

    • Outbound Marketing Campaigns
    • Dedicated Business SMS Number
    • iOS and Android Mobile Apps
    • In-Chat Applets
    • FAQ Content Library
    • Templated Replies
    • Automated Greetings, Replies & Keywords
    • Clearbit Customer Data Enrichment
    • 4 Team Members
    • 3000 SMS Message Segments / month
    • Unlimited WebChat Conversations
    • Unlimited Mobile App Conversations
    • Full Conversation History
    • Analytics Dashboard
    • WebChat to Email Rollover
    • Web Visitor Monitoring & Analytics
    Larger businesses with high-volume needs and more complex integration requirements generally use our ENTERPRISE plan.


  • How much does web chat cost?
    The Qonvo chat widget for your website is free with your Qonvo business account.  Just following the instructions in the Qonvo mobile app settings to add Qonvo to your site.  Adding web chat is a great way to provide assistance to your visitors and to build your Qonvo subscriber list.
  • Enabling Qonvo Web Chat
    You can add the Qonvo chat widget to your website by installing our Wordpress plugin or adding our javascript component to pages where you want to include chat.  Go to settings in your Qonvo mobile app for installation instructions. 

    Bonus: Any inbound customer messages will be routed to your team via the Qonvo mobile app.


  • How do I reply to messages?
    Whenever a customer sends you a message Qonvo will notify all of your team members and any team member can reply via the iOS or Android mobile app.

    We suggest that all of your team members keep Qonvo notifications turned ON so that you never miss a customer message.  

  • Can I include attachments?
    You can include multimedia content in your replies and group messages.  Add images, PDFs, Youtube videos and Qonvo applets to your messages.  

    Message attachments make it easy for you to turn conversations into sales.