Omni-Channel Messaging Campaigns

Qonvo now routes your outbound messaging campaigns to ALL of your customers via the best available communications channel.  There's no need for you to take time from your busy day to worry about whether customers have accepted your invitation to chat via SMS or the Qonvo mobile app.  You can just create your campaign and we'll make sure that your customers receive your message.

Why Omni-Channel Messaging is a Big Win

You currently build your Qonvo subscriber list in a few ways:

  • Publishing your SMS number via your store, website and social media
  • Loading data from your POS or email lists
  • Inviting customers individually via the Qonvo app
In each of these cases, you then send out invitations for your customers to chat via SMS or the Qonvo mobile app.  We all know that getting permission to chat via text is a huge plus - those conversations have 95%+ read rates to get you to your goals. 

The reality though is that not ALL customers will accept your invitation ... but don't despair.  With Qonvo omni-channel messaging campaigns you can still easily communicate with customers who don't accept your invitations.

How It Works

When you create a broadcast campaign in Qonvo, you'll now see how many customers will receive your message via SMS, the Qonvo Mobile App and Email

Customers who only have an email address or who have not accepted your chat invite will receive your message via email.

3.  Your emails are delivered in the same short-format as your SMS and mobile app messages so your customers will read them.  The formula that works - brief text from you and formatted attachments or action cards to prompt action

4.  You can also now preview your outbound messages via each channel using the send preview feature which will send you a copy of the message via SMS, email and the Qonvo mobile app (if you've registered a consumer account on Qonvo)

That's all there is to it! Reach all of your customers via the best available channel.  Leverage the effective, succinct, short-form content of your Qonvo broadcasts across all communication channels.

If you haven't loaded up your full customer list from your POS, CRM system or email list then now is the time to do it!  Need help with that process, please let me know.
  Christopher Skelly
Published on Aug 01, 2020