Increase Sales with Messaging Campaigns

You've already impressed your customers - that's why they buy your products and services.  Sometimes all you have to do to make additional sales to your existing customers is to reach out to them and remind them why they like you in the first place.  Tell them about your sales or special offers, remind them to book an appointment or update them on new offerings that you've introduced. 

The key thing is to cut through the clutter of modern life to get your customers' attention.  That's why Qonvo messaging campaigns are so effective.  More than 95% of all text messages are read by recipients.  Compare that to less than 20% of marketing emails!

What Are Qonvo Broadcast Campaigns?

Qonvo campaigns are scheduled broadcast messages that are sent to a specified group of customers that you select based on tags applied to your customer records or other data that you've stored about each customer.  For example you can set up a broadcast campaign to send a message to all customers that have subscribed within the past 30 days or any customers who haven't booked an appointment in more than three months.  The possibilities are endless!

Your broadcast messages can also include attached images, videos or PDFs as well as Qonvo Applets such as Action Cards which are used to link to target web content so that your customers can complete a purchase or other action. 

Launching Your First Campaign

Launching new campaigns is easy and you can complete the process from the Qonvo mobile app or from Qonvo Web (

1.  Navigate to Your Customer list in Qonvo

2. Select the Broadcast tab & Choose "New Broadcast Message"

3. Select Customers by tag or choose all customers

4. Add your message and select a file or applet to attach

5. Schedule a delivery time

That's all there is to it! You're off and running and we're sure that you'll be able to start booking more sales. 

A few notes to think about:

  • We're always here to help - please email us at or message us on webchat from our guides page
  • It's always a good idea to start with a small group first and then send messages to larger groups as you get comfortable
  Christopher Skelly
Published on Jun 03, 2020