Grow Your Subscriber List

Qonvo can help your organization to have ongoing conversations with customers that help you to grow, offer services remotely and build loyalty.  In order to do all of those great things though you have to build your subscriber list.

To help you reach as many people as possible, we provide a variety of tools to help you get the word out to your customers and prospects that they can connect with you on Qonvo.  To start growing your subscriber list we recommend that y

1.  Set Your Qonvo @handle

When we you signed up we generated a Qonvo "handle" for you that you can provide to your customers so that they can easily find you on Qonvo.  To get you started we set your Qonvo handle based on your organization's name but you can update it to whatever suits your needs up to 15 characters.  

To Update Your Qonvo Handle:

  • Login to your Qonvo Business account via our mobile app or
  • Select Settings from the menu
  • In the Mobile Apps tab update your Qonvo handle to something memorable
That's all you have to do.  Once you set your handle, your customers can reach you in seconds with a quick search using your handle in the Qonvo mobile app.

2.  Share Your Qonvo Handle Everywhere!

We really do mean everywhere!  Post it on your social media feeds, put a sign in your storefront window, email it to your customers, add it to your print advertising and stationary.  The more you share your Qonvo handle, the more success you will have getting your customers and prospects to subscribe.

Need help with the process?  We have you covered, not all businesses have marketing outreach tools.  If you have existing lists of customers with email addresses or mobile numbers then we can help by sending personalized email and SMS invitations to your customers.

How it works:

  • Login to your Qonvo Business account from your computerat:
  • Select Customers from the menu
  • Choose the Customer Upload tab 
  • Download our customer upload template & add your data
  • Upload the file to Qonvo
  • Select Invite My Customers
We'll take it from there for you.  We'll send personalized emails and SMS messages to your customers to inviting them to  download the Qonvo app and follow your business.  For more details check out this help article:
Managing Customer Invitations.

3.  Add Qonvo Web Chat To Your Website

Your Qonvo Business account includes free web chat.  All you have to do is enable your web chat and add it to your site.  Once you complete the setup, your team will be able to chat via the Qonvo App with your website visitors. 

Not only will you be able to provide great customer service but web chat interactions are also a great way to get people to connect with you using via the Qonvo mobile app.  We make sure to feature an app download link and your Qonvo handle in every web chat conversation so that you can turn as many chats with website visitors into ongoing conversations as possible.

To learn more about how you can enable Qonvo webchat on your website today just check out this article:  Setting Up Qonvo WebChat

4.  More Coming Soon...

We're working on adding more tools for you to build your subscriber lists.  A bunch of add-ons from automating connections to your customer relationship management software to web and social media tools are in the works.

Do you have suggestions on other ways that we can help businesses to grow their list of followers?  Please let us know by emailing us or just message us on Qonvo ... our handle is @Qonvo.

All the best,
Chris Skelly

  Christopher Skelly
Published on Apr 01, 2020