Customer Invitation Manager

The key to using Qonvo successfully is to grow your list of customer connections.  More connections means improved reach via group messaging so that you stay at the front of your customers' minds.

The Qonvo invitations manager allows you to upload your existing customer lists so that you can send personalized invitations to your customers via SMS or Email.  Once you issue invitations all your customers have to do is click to download the Qonvo app and you're connected to them to have an ongoing dialogue.

Currently customer lists can be uploaded to Qonvo and we'll be rolling out ways to import your lists from popular platforms like Saleforce and Mailchimp in June 2020.

Remember - building your list of connections is critical to your success driving growth thorugh conversational commerce.  Make sure to take advantage of all the ways that Qonvo helps you build your circle of connections:

  1. Upload customer lists and invite your customers
  2. Publicize your unique @handle at your storefront on social media and elsewhere
  3. Update your Qonvo business search listing so that people nearby can find your business