Business-Class SMS

SMS text messaging is the world's most popular communication medium.  Texting is ubiquitous, Virtually everyone has a text-enabled mobile phone - everyone is connected. 

In a world where people would rather text their friends and family to stay in touch, it's crazy to think that they would rather call your business, visit your website, or download your app.  If your business isn't communicating with customers via text messages then you're likely not really connected with them at all. 

Business-2-Consumer Text Messaging is now table stakes and you need the right tools to succeed.

Qonvo Business-Class SMS gives you everything that you need to successfully build your list of subscribers, chat 1:1 with each of them and launch targeted, relevant outbound marketing campaigns that drive revenue growth.

Build Your Subscriber List With Invitation Manager

In order to start chatting with your customers via SMS, you need to make sure that they know how to reach them.  Qonvo Invitation Manager lets you invite your customers to chat using our Quick Add feature which issues invitations via email or SMS.  You can also load existing customers lists from your CRM system, POS, or email mailings lists. 

Qonvo keeps track of your opt-ins to make sure that you stay on the right side of TCPA regulations which cover text communications between businesses and consumers in the United States.

Manage Conversations via Qonvo Mobile Apps

Members of your team can easily reply to any inbound customer text using the Qonvo iOS or Android mobile apps.  You'll receive notifications when a customer sends you a message to start chatting or replies to one of your 1:1 messages or outbound campaigns. 

Way to many businesses try sending out one-way SMS messages that don't allow customers to reply.  That's not communication that's SPAM.  We believe that you and your customers benefits from ongoing dialogue.  Qonvo is a great way to manage 1:1 conversations, you'll never miss a message and never lose track of message history across your whole organization.

Launch Outbound Marketing Campaigns

Qonvo Campaign Manager allows you to create targeted outbound campaigns that you can send to groups of customers based on customer tags that you've applied or other customer data that you've added to the system.   Want to message everyone who hasn't been in for an appointment in six-months? No problem just set up a campaign that will text your customers when they meet the criteria that you define in your campaign.

You can super-charge your campaigns by including image attachments, YouTube videos, PDF files and Qonvo in-chat applets that allow your customers to take action with a single click.

Send Attachments & Qonvo Applets

Your text conversations should make it as easy to close a sale as an in-person conversation.  With Qonvo in-chat applets and attachments you can easily send a link to book an appointment, claim an offer code, schedule a service call or buy an item. 

Qonvo Applets turn your customer chats into conversational commerce so that you business can thrive.

Create Automated Replies and Keywords

Your team can't work 24 hours a day.  With automated replies, keyword triggers and SMS menus, you can provide service to your customers via SMS even when your team isn't available. 

In Closing ...

Qonvo gives you everything your business needs to have personalized conversations with your customers.  Whether they inbound to you or you reach out to them with invitations and marketing campaigns, we give you the tools to provide a great user experience and grow your business. 

Get started with Business-Class SMS today.  Qonvio is here to provide you the tools to succeed.