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Social Media Is Not the Business WebChat Solution You Want

Yes, we get it.  The world loves social media, through endless breathless reporting we hear every day about the rise and potential fall of social media giants.  Is Snap going to eat Facebook's lunch? What's next for Instagram? Do millenials even care anymore?  All of these are interesting questions and the social media presence of your business is important but as you develop your conversational commerce strategy, please don't let the social media giants set up a tollbooth on your conversational channels with customers.

Sophisticated WebChat tools (like ... ahem ... Qonvo) provide direct 1:1 conversations between you and your customers and prospects.  No social media intermediaries, no required social logins and no concerns from your customers about whether their conversations with you are just being used to feed the data analytics beast that keeps track of their every move. 

Do you really want to put Facebook Messenger on your site and tell your customers that they need to relay messages through Facebook in order to communicate with you?  Maybe it's not an issue, maybe everyone trusts Facebook .... riiighht.

Qonvo is WebChat for Business
Fortunately we're here to help.  We all know that the world has changed and you need conversational capabilities available on your website and within your mobile apps - customers just expect it!

So ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want a social media giant to relay all of your online customer conversations? (...probably not)

  • Do you want your customers to start a conversation with you and hand off to whichever messaging channel they prefer (including social media)?

  • Do you want WebChat that is built for business with all of the tools and automation needed to provide a great 24x7 experience for customers?

  • Do you want your customers to be comfortable that conversations with you are private?

We can't say what your answers will be to these questions but if you find that privacy matters, and customer channel preference matters and automation matters then we think Qonvo is the platform for you.  

Drop us a note using that handy little Qonvo chat app you see to on your screen.  Or go old school and give us a call. 

  Christopher Skelly
Published on Jun 01, 2018