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Qualifying Leads With Qonvo

Resource allocation is everything in sales.  You're getting plenty of traffic, you're getting noticed but which visitors are ready to buy?  How can you focus your efforts properly for each visitor regardless of where they are in their buyer's journey.  It's surprisingly easy - just talk to them.

With Qonvo you can message a visitor on your site at any time by just typing a message or you can set automated rules to display a pop-up message based on their activity.  Your visitors will see a nice friendly pop-up just like the one below.

That's all there is to it.  Ask a few questions and you'll be able to learn about your visitors key business issues and readiness to buy.   Qonvo will record each answer and you can jump in at any time to take over the conversation.

With the Qonvo lead qualification automated skill you can get a quick understanding of what your visitors are looking for and how best to assist them - who wouldn't want that in their sales process?

Wouldn't you love to know each prospects biggest business challenge, what products and services they're interested in and where they are in their decision process?    

Set up your Qonvo free trial and we'll show you how.

  Christopher Skelly
Published on Jul 12, 2018