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Qonvo Fits Your Brand

You've put a lot of time and effort into your online branding - we provide you the tools that you need to design your Qonvo webchat app to complement and play nicely with all aspects of your websites and mobile apps. 

We give you access to a wide variety of display and behavior options so that you can tune your Qonvo app to echo and reinforce your branding

  • Set your brand colors
  • Add your logo
  • Control the color and style of your launch icon
  • Set the height, margins and border style of your widget
  • Set the avatar for your automated attendant
  • Introduce your team to users

We've started with the assumption that you're in charge of your Qonvo webchat application - we just give you the tools needed to bring it to life in a way that reinforces your customer experience.  You control appearance and behavior, you determine whether to use automated interactions and how often.  We're here to make your brand shine.

  Christopher Skelly
Published on Jul 01, 2018