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Conversational Commerce is now Table Stakes

If you think about it, conversation is central to most of the most pivotal, memorable and important moments of our lives.  More than anything else, conversation is what makes use human.  How could something so obvious have been forgotten by the business world for so long.  Lack of conversational capabilities have de-humanized even our most successful businesses.  Customers feel that distance and customer loyalty is often far more brittle than it should be.

Fortunately, the business world is starting to catch up and conversational commerce is now table stakes - customers expect you to be available to chat.  Don't disappoint them. 

The innovative players in every industry who didn't miss the social media wave and the mobile revolution are moving quickly to restore the power of conversations back into their customer relationships - you can too and Qonvo is here to help you get started today.

  Charles Sabatier
Published on Aug 06, 2018