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Concierge Quality WebChat

Concierge service - it's really nice isn't it? 

You're staying at a nice hotel in a new city and all you have to do is ask for recommendations.  Your friendly concierge will get you set up with reservations for dinner, they'll schedule time at the Spa and even help you get the most of the local sites and attractions. 

It's not their job to cook you dinner, give you a massage and act as tour guide around Central Park though is it?  I'm guessing you probably wouldn't want them to either.

It's kind of the same with WebChat automation.  Done right an automated assistant can ask the right questions, get a feel for your customer's needs, handle the easy tasks and seamlessly introduce the right expert to help them with the more complex items. 

You want to make an appointment for an oil change - no problem the automated concierge has you covered. You have a question about whether some is covered under warranty? In that case introduce you to someone with the right expertise to get you the correct answers. 

Qonvo provides your organization with the tools to make your customers feel like your website has the same type of high-end concierge as that fancy hotel that we talked about. 

Qonvo's user-experience focused tools provide a great customer experience by being:

Responsive:  Never let your customers feel like they're shouting into the void.  Qonvo's automated assistant keeps your users apprised of everything that is being done.  Even if a member of your team isn't available, we make sure that your customer is aware of who will be helping them out and we give them options regarding how to be notified when their expert is available. 

Capable: Let's face it, in the modern world we sometimes don't want to speak to a human being for a basic request.  It seems like in a lot of cases we'd rather text friends and family instead of picking up the phone.   Qonvo's automated assistant can be easily configured to answer frequent questions, book appointments, gather feedback and perform other tasks.  You simply enable skills to add automated capabilities to your Qonvo assistant's list of magic tricks

Informative:  A lot of WebChat requests are simple questions that your team has seen before.  How much does this cost?  How do I track my order?  You can train your Qonvo Assistant to handle these frequently asked questions so that customers get answers quickly and your team can focus on their task at hand.

We'd love for you to give Qonvo a try - you'll see why our clients our switching from other platforms.  

Chris Skelly

  Christopher Skelly
Published on May 10, 2018