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Business Messaging Templates

Text conversations are great but sometimes chatting alone doesn't cut it.   It helps to show people some visuals, go through a quick demo, collect some details in a form, send them documents. 

Qonvo provides a wide variety of messaging templates that make your chat interactions a lot more like face-to-face meetings.   You can send video, knowledge base articles, image, inline forms structured card carousels.  You name it, we have you covered.

A customer has a question about your fall fashion line - send them a carousel of product cards that they can flip through to see popular items

A customer wants to book an appointment -  No problem send them an interactive scheduling form

A customer has question about how to use your platform - Send them a styled list of knowledge base articles 

... you get the idea.  Business interactions require more than simply texting back and forth.

Qonvo is WebChat for business and we equip you with everything that you need to make your customers feel like you're sitting down with them in person.

  Christopher Skelly
Published on Jul 14, 2018