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Automate with skills and automated replies

Let's face it, your team probably can't be available 24x7 and no one wants to get the dreaded "No one is available now" message.  

Lack of automation is cited as the number one reason that businesses don't add WebChat to their sites.  Staffing for an expectation of around-the-clock service is not an easy thing for businesses of any size.

At Qonvo we understand that sophisticated automation is a core requirement of implementing WebChat in a way that will meet customers' expectations ... without busting through the cost constraints of your business.   We're not going to force you to buy a "Pro" plan of incur significant cost to get access to our suite of AI-driven automation tools.  

Our goal is for every Qonvo app to add value to customer interactions regardless of your team's availability.  

No the automated attendant can't answer every possible customer question but your Qonvo assistant will be able to help customers with frequently asked questions, handle tasks like booking appointments and submittig service requests.  When a customer needs something more complex your Qonvo app will let them know who will be helping them, set expectations and get their preferences on how they want to be contacted. 

Our goal is to improve your customers' interactions with you 24x7.  

Let's go ahead and get you started.  You can set up your free account, set up your app and access all of our functionality for free.  We think that when you do you'll agree that this IS the WebChat solution that you've been looking for.

  Christopher Skelly
Published on Jul 04, 2018